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1.Easy for measurement

2.10.4 inch LCD more comfortable to touch.

3. Automatically cross cylinder measurement.

4. PD and the anterior eye alignment  in a dark room.

5.Compact design enables face to face test.


Can connect with ARK810 Auto refractometer, AR810A Keratometer,RS880 Auto lensmeter, RS1800 RS1801 Auto chart projector 


1.Spherical power                      +27.00m-1~-27.00m-1


2.Astigmatic power                   +8.00m-1~-8.00m-1


3.Cylinder axis                            0~180º


4.Prism                                        0~20Δ(all direction)


5.Pupillary distance                 48~80mm

adustment range                       0.5mm/2.0mm

6.Cross cylinder                         Auto Jackson cross cylinder:0.25m-1

7.Test len(aux lens)                Red-Green filter, Polarized filter(45  135,),prism


                                                    Red Maddox(horizontal/vertical),lens of


                                                      cross cylinders for presbyopia          (0.50m-1),Occluding

                                                       plate(left/right),Pinhole and cross hairs glass(left/right).

8.Cornea alignment scale(on optical axis)      

                                                            12mm, 13.75mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm

9.Convergence                           Near-point distance 40/67cm(Minimum pupillary distance                    

                                                     at 40cm convergence:53mm)

10.Forehead reset

                                       adjustment range             15mm

   MAIN UNIT:           300-330mm(W) X 120mm(D) X 300mm(H)


SUPPLY UNIT:   230mm(W) X 100mm(D) X 110mm(H)


TOUCH-SCREEN CONTROLLER:    300mm(W) X 255mm(D) X 203mm(H)


Carton size:   main unit 53X43X27CM   4.5KGS

Supply unit 43X38X38CM   5KGS

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